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Allport is one of those theorists who was so right about so many things that his ideas have simply passed on into the spirit of the times. Beginning with the work of allport and odbert 1936, trait psychologists have attempted to identify a set of basic traits that. Full text of the nature of prejudice internet archive. This resulted in allport developing a great interest in understanding human motivation, impulses, and personality, resulting in his trait theory of personality. Gordon allport 1897 1967 was a wellrespected and influential american scholar in the psychology field. Instead of these popular approaches, he developed an eclectic theory based on traits. Pdf over the past 50 years, gordon allports views of personality, and of personality. He began developing this theory by going through a dictionary and noting every term he found that described a personality trait. Allport came from a working family that valued health and education.

Over the past 50 years, gordon allport s views of personality, and of personality psychology as a science, have had a guiding and pervasive influence. Gordon allports theory is considered to be one of the more scientific theories. Allport 1937 saw personality traits as possessing causal force. Allport developed and ran his own printing business while serving as editor of. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. His theory is one of the first humanistic theories, and would influence many others, including kelly, maslow, and rogers. Allport is perhaps best known for his trait theory of personality. Allports psychology of personality social sci libretexts. Allports personality theory personality theory pdf theory of personality personality theory theory of personality 7th edition research in personality theory importance of humanistic theory of personality personality theory 14th edition personality. Gordon willard allport was one of the great personality theorists of the twentieth. One of the first psychologists to study personality, allport researched human attitudes, prejudices, and religious beliefs.

This method is found in its extreme form in davenports trait book 8, where tics, affability, and love of fishing are presented as parallel manifestations of personality. His theory of personality, which rejected both freudian psychology and behaviorism, emphasized the uniqueness of the individual and the need to treat problems in terms of present conditions as opposed to childhood experiences. In the opinion of this writer, there is a good deal more to theory con struction and. An application of the personality theories allport dissertation. He would also write in newspapers and magazines about the conditions of such. Henry alexander murray may, 1893 june 23, 1988 was an american psychologist at harvard university, where he conducted a 3year long series from 1959 to 1962 of. As a humanistic psychologist, he opposed both behavioral and psychoanalytical theories. The writer is indebted for this information to the researches, not yet published.

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